Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week of Action for Embankment Repair and Reconstruction

Dear Collegues
Greetings from Aila Durgoto Sanghati Mancho (Solidarity Platform for
Aila Victims), a civil society platform with participation of
political leaders, civil society representatives, development
organizations, students and other professionals.

You may know, more than 450 kilometres of embankments had damaged by
the storm surge of devastating cyclone Aila on 25 May 2009. The
embankments are yet to be repaired. Thousands had lost their houses
and crops, livestock and trees. More than 100,000 people have become
refugee and living as floating people. More than 70,000 farmers could
not cultivate crops for 2 seasons, Aman and Boro. The affected areas
are still under water after 8 months of Aila.

Though the government declared extension of Relief activities, the
affected people are not interested to live as beggars, they want to go
back home and live with human dignity. Now, there are no alternatives
of repairing of the damaged embankments to recover normal life of Aila
affected people.

To sensitize the policy leaders for repairing and reconstruction of
Aila damaged embankments, we are going organize a Week of Action with
several programs like Submission of Memorandum, 5-day-long Aila Mancho
and Mass Starvation under Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods
(CSRL). The programs will be started on 25 January 2010 at Shaheed
Hadis Park, Khulna, Bangladesh.

We are happy to invite you in the program and waiting to greet you at the venue

Hasan Mehedi
Chief Executive, Humanitywatch
humanitywatch is a regional right based organisation registered under
Society Act XXI of Bangladesh and working in southwest coastal zone of
Bangladesh with forest, biodiversity, climate change, education and
indigenous knowledge. Registered Office: 77/1 Boyra Main Road, Khulna
9000, Bangladesh; Phone: +88 044 4334 5747, Cell: +88 017 1413 7190,
+88 017 1670 2006; E-mail:,
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