Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bangladeshi cinema star Popy urges to repair embankments immediately

Dear Colleagues
10 Months have passed already, the cyclone Aila damaged embankments of
southwest coastal region of Bangladesh are yet to be repaired. Though
the government has deployed military for monitoring and supervision of
the construction works, it is doubted that the embankments cannot be
repaired in this year as the tropical season has already started.
Keeping this in mind, we are organizing several programs under
Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL) to sensitize the
government of Bangladesh to give more effort to reconstruct the
damaged embankments before rainy season. Visit of the celebrities is
one of the program under the campaign.
Today, Sadika Parvin Popy, one of the top celebrity actresses of
Bangladesh urges the government to reconstruct Aila affected
embankments of coastal zone within this March 2010. Otherwise the
areas will be abandoned and millions of people will become
environmental refugee, she says today in a Sharing Meeting with the
Journalists held in Khulna Press Club. The program is organized by
Humanitywatch and Oxfam to raise the voice of cyclone Aila Victims who
are suffering for last ten months after May 2009.

She demands adequate food, water and healthcare until the Aila victims
are able to go back home. She also demands proper rehabilitation and
livelihood support for small and marginal farmers after completing
reconstruction of embankments. I specially demand to the government to
adopt a policy for pro-people management of the embankments for the
long run, she says.
She requests the prime minister to take special care as a daughter of
coastal region. As I am a daughter of coastal region like our prime
minister, I demand special care from her, she says.

At least 56 journalists from different print and electronic media
including Press Club president Ahmmed Ali Khan, secretary SM Jahidur
Rahman, humanitywatch chairperson Sazzadur Rahim Pantha and Awami
League leader Monirul Islam Moni are present in the Sharing Meeting .

Among others Channel-I correspondent AK Hiru, daily Jugantor and BTV
correspondent Maqbul Hossain Mintu, daily Kaler Kantho reporter
Koushik Dey Bappi, daily Bangladesh Protidin Mallick Sudhangsu, Desh
TV representative Mostafa Jamal Poplu, NTV bureau chief Tayebur
Rahman, humanitywatch chief executive Hasan Mehedi, coordinator
Shariful Islam Salim were present their.

National newspapers like the dalily NewAge, daily Kaler Kantho, daily
Samakal and daily Jugantor and local newspapers including the daily
Tribune, daily Purbanchal, daily Janmabhumi, daily Probaho, daily
Probartan, daily Anirban published the news of the Sharing Meeting
with due treatment. National private television channel NTV, Channel I
and BanglaVision also telecast the news with due importance. Some of
the News headlines from national printing media given bellow:

The daily NewAge: Reconstruction of Aila-affected embankments demanded

The daily Kaler Kantho: আইলা-দুর্গতদের পাশে চিত্রনায়িকা পপি

The daily Samakal: আইলা দুর্গতদের পাশে দাঁড়ানোর আহ্বান চিত্রনায়িকা পপির

The daily Jugantor: খুলনার আইলা-বিধ্বস্ত বাঁধ দ্রুত নির্মাণের দাবি
অভিনেত্রী পপির

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