Thursday, October 07, 2010

Demonstration in Coastal Region of Bangladesh for Climate Justice

10/10/10 at 10:10 with 10 demands
Shahid Hadis Park, Khulna §  Press Club, Noakhali §  Press Club, Chittagong
Climate Change or natural Greenhouse Gas emission is not only a normal process but also essential for biosphere including human being. But the earth is now in front of a devastating situation due to climate change derived from anthropogenic emission of GHG after industrial revolution. Mills and factories, excessive use of fossil fuel, deforestation for paper and luxurious lifestyle in the developed countries is responsible for accelerated climate change.
The scientists warned that the devastation will not stop if carbon emission cannot be reduced at 350 PPM which is 370 PPM now. The people demand 45% of 1990 emission must be cut by 2015.
In the mean time, low lying and poor countries like Bangladesh are facing several negative impacts of climate change. Sea fishers are losing their lives and livelihoods due to frequent depression in the sea. Natural resource dependant people including marginal farmers, agri-labours and forest peoples are suffering a lot due to climate induced adverse weather events like frequent and severe cyclone and storm surges, riverbank erosion, increased salinity and unusual change of weather.
More than 200 thousand people have to migrate to the larger cities and even to the neighbouring countries each year. IPCC warns that 17% of the coastal zone of Bangladesh will sink due to sea level rise and more than 20 million people will become climate refugee.
Compensation to the victims of climate change to adapt and retain their normal life is a responsibility of developed countries because these are happening for their historical emission. But compensation is not our first demand. The developed countries must reduce their rate of carbon emission as first priority; and to this end, an international treaty might be taken with legal bindings.
Mitigation is also important to reduce impact of climate change. Developed countries are also responsible to transfer adequate environment friendly technology to least developed countries like Bangladesh.
In association with, TckTckTck, Avaaz, Oxfam and others, thousands of organisations in 186 countries of the world are going to observe a day for climate justice and mitigation measures through more than 6500 programs on 10/10/10. We are also going to observe the day with 10 demands from Bangladesh perspective on 10/10/10 at 10:10. You are most welcome to join with us.


§  Reduce GHG Emission
§  Compensate the Climate Victims
§  Transfer Environment-friendly Technology
§  Help to use Renewable Energy
§  Stop excessive use of Vehicles
§  Reduce Use of Fossil Fuel
§  Reduce Consumption
§  Stop dumping in Poor Countries
§  Allow the climate victims to migrate in developed countries
§  Stop Talking, Start Working

§  Khulna: A model demonstration of global warming will present through boiling human-toys in pan. 10 important persons including Khulna city Mayor and MP will present 10 demands to the developed countries. Hundreds of people including students, cyclone victims and civil society will participate.
§  Noakhali: Some 110 youths paint the 10 demands on their body and demonstrate it in front of Noakhali Press Club with other victims of riverbank erosion, cyclone and depression in the sea. The civil society leaders will present the demands for consideration of world leaders.
§  Chittagong: 10 youngsters will wear funeral dress with printed demands and organize a procession in major roads of the Chittagong city to remember the brutal death of hundreds of people in adverse climatic events. The group will sit-in at Press Club premises and present the demands to the world leaders.

§  Khulna: Humanitywatch, 77/1 Boyra Main Road, Khulna 9000, Bangladesh | E-mail:
§  Noakhali: PRAN, House # 5, Road # 30, Maijdee Housing State, Noakhali 3400 | E-mail:
§ Chittagong: Songshoptaque, 18 West Shahid Mirza Lane, Mehedibagh, Chittagong | E-mail:

§  Khulna: Hasan Mehedi,  Cell: +88 017 1670 2006, E-mail:
§  Noakhali: Asaduzzaman Chowdhury Kajal, Cell: +88 019 1923 1721, E-mail:
§ Chittagong: Sawrav Barua, Cell: +88 017 1120 4343, E-mail: