Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Climate Justice stressed remembering cyclone GORKY on 12th November

12 November 2012; Noakhali, Bangladesh:
'Congrats Obama! Ensure Climate Justice, It's your first assignment!', 'Congrats Barak Obama, Learn from Sandy - Keep the Promise'. Hundreds of youths and civil society members carried these festoons and banners in a rally in Noakhali today (12 November 2012) demanding climate justice in upcoming UN Climate Conference in Doha. They urged to fulfill 10-points demands including deep cut of emission, stopping debt-business by using climate-catastrophe, ensuring rights of climate migrants and adequate funding for vulnerable countries. Observing 42 years of cyclone Gorky in 1970 Participatory Research and Action Network (PRAN) and Humanitywatch jointly organized the rally in front of Noakhali Press Club before 18th COP (Conference of Parties) of United Nations Climate Change Convention.
People of Bangladesh are the worst victims of climate change. Smallholders and marginal people's lives and livelihoods are in peril due to aggraded impacts of natural disasters. But the global leaders are silent on climate issues, the speakers said in the Condolence & Protest rally. Recalling recent attack of hurricane Sandy in USA, the speakers said that, Bangladeshi people are facing Sandylike cyclones every day. But the developed countries are ignoring death and destruction in Bangladesh. They blamed that the Annex-1 countries neither cutting their excessive emissions, nor supporting us to adapt with the rapid change of weather. They stressed climate justice in upcoming UN Climate Conference and urged US President to take proactive role.
The rally organized as a part of countrywide Climate Justice Week 2012 from 11-17 November. Among others, Lawyer Emdad Hossain Koishore, cultural activist Pronab Acharya, youth organiser Asadul Haidar Chowdhury, Abdullah Al Arif and PRAN chief executive Nurul Alam Masud addressed the gathering.