Mainly Humanitywatch is an advocacy and campaign oriented organisation focuses on the rights of common people especially forest and indigenous communities, small and marginal farmers, socially excluded groups, women and children. The organisation has been conducting some significant research and studies to contribute to evidence-based advocacy. To show some models of sustainable development in grass-roots level, Humanitywatch has been implementing a small number of service delivery projects also. Thus the organisation is working in two approaches:
         i) Right-Based Movements, and
         ii) Community Development Approach

In Right-Based Movements, Humanitywatch organises:
        (a) Policy and Evidence Based Research
        (b) Knowledge Management
        (c) Popular Mobilisation
        (d) Media Campaign
        (e) Publication
        (f) Alliance Building
        (f) Advocacy and
        (g) Policy Level Lobby.

In Community Development Approach, Humanitywatch organises:
        (a) Awareness Building
        (b) Observation of National and International important Days
        (c) Capacity Building of the Communities, Organisations and Socio-political Activists
        (d) Capital Support for Economic Development
        (e) Leadership Development
        (f) Skill Development Training
        (g) Information Dissemination
        (h) Networking and
        (i) Replication of Successful Development Models

Humanitywatch is mandated to run its works on eight (8) thematic areas. Some of the thematic areas are cross-cutting while some of them are related with international and regional macro policies. The themes,  programmes and activities are:

Theme 1: Climate Crisis Mitigation
     Programme 1.1: Global Climate Justice
     Programme 1.2: Justice in Climate Financing
     Programme 1.3: Rights of Climate Forced Migrants (CFM)
     Programme 1.4: Local Ecology Based Adaptation (LEBA)

Theme 2: Humanitarian Response and Disaster Preparedness
     Programme 2.1: Disaster Management Policy and Acts
     Programme 2.2: Humanitarian Advocacy
     Programme 2.3: Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation
     Programme 2.4: Voluntary Blood Donation